Billy Goat Stuff, chocolate for people with intolerances to dairy produce and gluten


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Billy Goat Stuff was initially created to meet the needs of people who might have an allergy or are cows' milk and soya intolerant. It is amazing how many everyday foods and drinks contain cows milk in its various forms and soya. goats' milk is an alternative to cows' milk and other soya alternatives, which often relieves some of the skin and dietary symptoms encountered from cows' milk.

Goats' Milk is 15% lower in cholesterol than cows' Milk and the smaller fat globules make it more digestible and less fatty. It is as high in calcium as cows' Milk so is very good for growing children.

However, we have found that people who do not have an intolerance to cows' Dairy also love our chocolate.

Our chocolate contains cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar, goats' milk powder and a rice based emulsifier. Flavourings where possible are oils or extracts.

Our chocolate does not contain Nuts, Soya, Cows' Dairy, Eggs, Wheat or Gluten.

This chocolate is also great to use when baking especially when using our chocolate buttons.


Yes - we know that you can't get milk from a billy goat, only from a nanny goat, but the billy goat has a hand in it somewhere!

We use goats milk and a rice based emulsifier as an alternative to the soya used normally. The result is "Billy Goat Stuff goats' Milk Chocolate"

This chocolate allows those with cows' milk and soya intolerances to eat chocolate. If you need your daily fix of chocolate, then this is for you!

We are a small company based in Norfolk and hand make all products. We pride ourselves on our produce and believe that we provide quality unique products.

Our goats' milk chocolate is made from the raw ingredients. We import high quality cocoa beans and cocoa butter, which are then teamed with the rest of the ingredients via a number of processes. The goats' milk chocolate is then moulded into various shapes. Many shapes can be made to order in white chocolate, plain chocloate and purchased as a gift box, assorted bags. We produce Easter eggs, Christmas shapes, Valentines hearts and more. We also produce plain peppermint creams and peppermint creams dipped in chocolate.

We believe that our chocolate has a distinctive flavour, due to the raw cocoa ingredients. It can be used as normal in all chocolate recipes.

This goats' milk chocolate is ideal for those intolerant to cows' milk or soya and provides a real chocolate alternative, and is easier to digest. Our goats' milk chocolate has been specially designed to aim to a broad spectrum of people including those with asthma, allergies, IBS/IBD, Eczema, soya intolerant and dairy (cows' milk) intolerant.

Unfortunately, due to US import restrictions we are unable to ship to the USA.